Topic 13: Hindrances and Jhanas

Audios of Class Meetings


In the Buddha’s Words, pp. 247 (prgrph 18) – 253 (“Path to Liberation”).


Training the Mind:

  • Right Effort, continues Virtue Training
  • Right Mindfulness, continues Wisdom Training
  • Right Concentration, opens mind to microscopic examination

Five Hindrances (to stilling the mind, part of Right Effort)

  1. Lust. “Hubba-hubba.”
  2. Ill-will. “That darn %&$*@!”
  3. Sloth and torpor. “Zzzzzz.”
  4. Restlessness and remorse. “If only I had …, I know, I’ll …”
  5. Doubt. “What do I think I’m doing here anyway?”

Four Jhānas (meditation, stilling the mind) = Right Concentration (Samādhi)

Begins with seculusion (from hindrances)

First Jhāna

thought&examination – rapture – happiness (born of seclusion)

Second Jhāna

… – rapture – happiness (born of concentration)

internal confidence, unification of mind

Third Jhāna

… – … – happiness (with the body)

equanimous, mindful, clearly comprehending

Fourth Jhāna

… – … – …

neither painful nor pleasant, purification of mindfulness


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