Topic 12: Noble Eightfold Path

Topic 2: The Nobel Eightfold Path


In the Buddha’s Words, pp. 239-250.

Right Understanding

Four Noble Truths (suffering, origin, cessation, path)


Dependent Co-arising

Wisdom Training

Right Intentions

Good will


Right Speech

abstaining from false speech
abstaining from malicious speech
abstaining from harsh speech
abstaining from useless speech


Virtue Training

Right Action

abstaining from taking life
abstaining from stealing
abstaining from sexual misconduct

Right Livelihood

No business in weapons, slaves, meats, intoxicants, poisons

No living by tricking and manipulating others, excessive greed


Right Effort

to prevent unwholesome mental states
to abandon unwholesome mental states
to develop wholesome mental states
to maintain and perfect wholesome mental states

Meditation Training

Right Mindfulness 

mindful contemplation of the body
mindful contemplation of feelings
mindful contemplation of consciousness
mindful contemplation of mental objects

Right Samādhi

wholesome, one-pointed, serene, clear
first jhāna, second jhāna, third jhāna, fourth jhāna


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