Topic 1: Why The Pali Suttas?


In the Buddha’s Words, pp. 1-15 (Introduction).

History of Buddhism:

Dhamma-Vinaya (Dharma-Vinaya), Doctrine and Discipline. ~ 500 BC

Preserved orally until ~ 1st century BC

Doctrine and practice

Sutta (Sutra), individual discourse

Nikayas, Collections of early discourses in Pali

Agamas, Collections of early discourses in Sanskrit, fully preserved only in Chinese translation


Abhidhamma (Abhidharma), Philosophical Exegesis. ~ 200s BC, school-specific

Commentaries (Shastra). 1st millennium AD

Mahayana Sutras. 1st millennium AD

Tipitaka (Tripitaka), three baskets of scriptures


Accuracy of early oral preservation

Comparison of Nikayas (Suttas) and Agamas

Coherence of ideas, verification in practice

Functional integrity of later texts

Dana (Generosity):

As giver: renunciation, kindness, joy

As receiver: worthiness, gratitude

Contrast: exchange


Audio 9/22/2013


Audio 9/29/2013


One Response to “Topic 1: Why The Pali Suttas?”

  1. an Says:

    the audio talks are erudite and most interesting, and like the Austin Words of the Buddha website as a whole, provide an accessible resource to anyone wishing to expand their comprehension. bhikkhu cintita with characteristic clarity shares his scholarship generously.

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