Course In the Buddha’s Words

This course, beginning September 22, 2012,  provides a deep and comprehensive introduction to the Buddha’s Dharma as found in the most ancient sources. It is intended to provide a foundational conceptual understanding to complement and guide one’s Buddhist life and practice, no matter what particular school of Buddhism one might already belong to. It is also appropriate for beginners or for the curious who are ready to plunge headlong into the wisdom of the Buddha.

Led by: Bhikkhu Cintita Dinsmore (“Bhante”), of the Sītagū Buddha Vihāra, Austin

Logistics: Kim Mosley of Austin Zen Center.

Time and Place: Austin Zen Center, Sundays 2-3:30 pm (sometimes preempted)

Topic: The Discourses of the Buddha. This will focus on readings from the Pali Suttas, following  Bhikkhu Bodhi (ed), In Buddha’s Words, Wisdom Publications.


  • 2:00 Meditation
  • 2:15 Refuges, Talk and Discussion
  • 2:55 Break
  • 3:05 Talk and Discussion
  • 3:30 Sharing the Merit

We ask that the student procure a copy of In the  Buddha’s Words, keep up with the readings, and listen to the on-line audios of any missed classes. These requirements are a bit more rigorous than in the first round.

We invite those who are unable to physically attend classes in Austin (perhaps you live in Borneo, for instance) to follow the course by accessing the materials and audios on-line (most people prefer videos these days, but I move around so little it doesn’t really matter in my case).

Also please let others know about this opportunity.

Links, Contact:

  1. Audios of meetings:
  2. Class announcements and resources:
  3. Meetup Group:
  4. Bhante’s Web site:
  5. Bhante’s email:




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