Burmese New Year at the Monastery

I would like to invite members of this list and their families (whether or not you have participated in any of our Words of the Buddha classes, to the annual Burmese New Year Festival, also known as the Water Festival (Thingyan). This generally attracts 200-300 people. Highlights are ethnic dancing and music and really good food. People invariably have a lot of fun and it is very family friendly. Expect to get wet. If you have not been to the monastery, this is also a good way to meet the monks and to see our pagoda. Here is the announcement:

The Theravada Dhamma Society of America
invites you to our

New Year – Thingyan Festival

Saturday 18 April, 2015, 9am – 4pm
at Sitagu Buddha Vihara
9001 Honeycomb Dr., Austin, TX 78737

11:00 a.m- Lunch offering for the Monks
11:30 a.m– Lunch for the lay people,for the sake of Sitagu Shwe Zigon Pagoda,
     you may purchase various traditional Burmese food in Nibban Zay.
1:00 p.m-Taking the Refuges and Precepts, Offering of Requisites, Dhamma Talk and sharing of merits, honoring to elders, (Thetkyee Puzawpwe), pouring water (Thingyan) and Entertainment.




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