Lecture Series: Consciousness and Being

The Buddha’s Twelve-fold Chain of
Dependent Co-Arising

sponsored by Words of the Buddha

with Bhikkhu Cintita

Whoever sees Dependent Co-Arising sees the Dharma.
Whoever sees the Dharma sees Dependent Co-Arising.”

This principle of Dependent Co-Arising is a profound teaching, hard to see. It is through not knowing, not understanding and not thoroughly realizing this teaching that beings are confused like a tangled thread, thrown together like bundles of threads, caught in a net, and cannot escape hell, the nether worlds and the wheel of samsara.”

These two quotes indicate the great importance the Buddha himself placed on Dependent Co-Arising (paṭiccasamuppāda), which is, after all, the foundation of Buddhist psychology. It is most familiarly represented by the following causally linked chain of experiential factors:

Ignorance → Notions → Consciousness → Subject and Object → Sense Bases → Contact → Feeling → Craving → Attachment → Being →Birth → Despair, Old Age, Death, this Mass of Suffering

This series of four talks will introduce the primary mechanisms of Dependent Co-Arising and discuss their critical importance in Buddhist practice. The Dharma will be offered at no cost. Audios of missed lectures will be available on-line.

Austin Zen Center, 3014 Washington Sq. Austin, TX 78705.
Sundays, November 23, 30, December 14, 21, 2:00-3:30.

Bhikkhu Cintita is a bhikkhu (monk) ordained in the Burmese Theravada tradition, a former priest in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition and before that a scholar in the American academic tradition. He normally teaches a class,Words of the Buddha, every Sunday at this same time and place. His Web site is https://bhikkhucintita.wordpress.com/.



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