Sunday Nov. 17: Ceremony at the Monastery

Waso1This Sunday’s class will be preempted by an robe offering (Katthina) ceremony at the Sitago Buddha Vihara. Please come to participate in a festive event and see where Bhante Cintita lives. The event is called a robe-offering ceremony. The schedule is:

  • 11:00 Lunch offering to monks
  • 11:30 Lunch for lay people
  • 1:00 Katthina Ceremony in Dhamma Hall
  • 2:00 Entertainment (Burmese music and dance)

Thingan1Bhante will offer tours of the monastery, which is in many ways like a Buddhist theme park if you arrive well before 11. Ask around for “the American monk” if you have trouble locating him. There will be delicious food, mostly Burmese, great company, mostly Burmese, exotic entertainment and, oh, a traditional offering of robes to about 11 monks.

Location: 9001 Honeycomb Drive, SW Austin, off of 290. Find directions HERE.


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