Holiday Schedule: Important

Let it hereby be known: Austin Buddhadharma will not meet again until January! Please pass this information on to anyone else who might not read these announcements in this blog (and might otherwise show up for class and wonder where everybody is).

I will be traveling this coming weekend, and we will be preempted by a Zen event in any case. The following weekend is Thanksgiving and I do not expect many people will show up. In fact by then we will be in the holiday season of cheer and mirth, shopping and travel, when people generally stop showing up even for work. I also plan to travel for a spell in December back to California to spend time cheering my dad up.

When we resume right after New Year we will discuss what everybody has been waiting for and building up to as we have worked our way through In Buddha’s Words: “Mastering the Mind” (Section 8).

All of you who can, please come to our multiple ordination and Kathina Ceremony on Saturday November 24, about 9am – 3pm. You will find the events very interesting, the site spectacular and the lunch yummy.



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