November 11 and its Precedents

Sunday, looking beyond the Noble Eightfold Path, we will continue Section 7 of In Buddha’s Words.

Here are audios of the last two discussions, on NEP:



One Response to “November 11 and its Precedents”

  1. Nevitt Resor Says:


    I don’t remember whether or not you or someone else would be teaching the class this coming Sunday, but AZC recently sent the following message. I don’t know for sure, but I assume the ceremony will take place in the zendo. So, does this mean your meeting will be canceled this week?


    Hi All,

    This coming Sunday at 3pm, Glenn Noblin will receive Dharma Entrustment from his teacher Kosho. This is a ceremony that recognizes Glenn’s years of practice, his understanding of the Dharma, and his commitment to the Sangha. This is the first time that such a ceremony has taken place at Austin Zen Center, and I’d like to warmly invite everyone to the ceremony to support Glenn in his new role.

    Thank you,

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