October 28 and before

Here are audios of the last two classes:



The Sunday we will look at the Noble Eightfold Path, the master checklist of Buddhist practice, in more detail. As we saw last week this path is variously credited by the Buddha with helping us to end suffering, to escape the endless round of death and rebirth, with ending all defilements, with attaining Nirvana or Awakening (but not yet with getting laundry whiter than white). I would like to add to this: With mastering the skill of life and with the perfection of human character.

This week I want to tie the various elements of the Noble Eightfold Path together by drawing an analogy to the elements involved in mastering a handicraft, such as making pottery.

This might actually serve as a good entry point into the class for those who might have hesitated to join us because they have missed previous discussions.





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