7/29, 8/5

Last Sunday Rev. Nalaka, whom many of you have met, received full ordination at our monastery. The ordination was supposed to take place in the morning at 9:30 and would require the presence of five already ordained monks, a group assembled from the Thai monastery in Del Valle, the Sri Lankan monastery in Pfluegerville and our monastery. A group of about ten people from the Pfleugerville community had brought food for lunch. We had tidied up the pagoda (at the finishing stages of construction) where the ordination was to take place.  Unfortunately the Thai monks failed to show up. Repeated calls to the Thai monastery were answered with reassurance in a female voice that they were on their way, but still they did not arrive. Rev. Nalaka began to despair that his ordination would have to be postponed. Lunch was offered to the four monks and Novice Nalaka.  The  time for me to leave in order to teach my Sunday afternoon class at the Austin Zen Center was fast approaching, when finally the Thai monks arrived! Now I had no choice but to forgo the Sunday class, for if I were to leave at that point the proceedings would be short of the five monk quorum. The ceremony lasted well over an hour.
Sorry. Anyway I understand that Kim kept the attendies occupied with recitation from the book. We will be all the more ready to discuss the previously posted readings this week.




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