July 1/July 8

Here is the recording of the July 1 discussion, which Kim has kindly provided:


Next week I would like to focus on the Gandhabhaka Sutt (SN 42.11) in the current section
and broaden the topic to looking at greed, hate and delusion in bit more detail. A number
of people were puzzled last week by something that is very puzzling, that greed is so
inclusive, that things like love and affection fall under greed. It took me years to
reach an understanding of this in my early days. The Gandhabhaka Sutta
takes up this very issue. It will be worth dwelling on as long as people like.

Last year I posted an essay on my blog in which this theme was also taken up, and almost
all of the comments posted in response to this post had to do with this theme. You might
want to look at this, especially the discussion about the middle of the essay that analyzes
"affection" and "lust" in terms of five attributes (the Buddha's criteria for skill/unskill).
The essay is here: "Sex, Sin and Buddhism"






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