To Read for June 24

Please find audio of June 17 meeting HERE, thanks to Kim.

Why is one religion or spiritual tradition to be preferred over another? How do you investigate this? Is faith required in religion? Why do you trust one teacher over another? What are you supposed to be looking for anyway?

Probably on Sunday we will begin the next section of In Buddha’s Words, called “Approaching the Dhamma.” This is something rather unique in Buddha’s teachings: stepping outside the box to evaluate faith, traditions and teachers themselves.

The following are links to the suttas in this sectionthat are  available on-line.

AN 3.65, the famous Kalama Sutta

SN 42.11, Gandhabhaka Sutta

MN 47, Vimamsaka Sutta

MN 95, Canki Sutta

You can also get a preview of my longish take on much of this in my recent blog series on Faith, which you can access HERE.


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