Sunday, May 6: Now at the Austin Zen Center

Starting this Sunday, 2-4, we will begin meeting each week at the Austin Zen Center, my old home. We will also change the format somewhat to look like this:

  • The topic will be “The Discourses of the Buddha.” The bulk of the Pali Suttas and the equivalent Chinese Agamas are the foundation of all of Buddhism. Every school of Buddhism has branched out from there, but every major school has (as far as I can see) preserved the functional integrity of the discourses of the Buddha even while often presenting it differently in adaptation to different cultural circumstances. For many the discourses will provide an additional vantage point as we try to make sense of the multifaceted teachings of Buddhism in the West.
  • The discussion will be led by Bhante Cintita Dinsmore of the Sitagu Buddhist Vihara, who will generally start with a short presentation on a specific sutta before yielding the floor for Q&A and discussion.
  • We will begin and end formally, with the Refuges and Sharing of Merit and incorporate a shortish meditation period.
  • There will no charge. Of course donations to AZC are always welcome.
  • The group is open to all, regardless of affiliation, regardless of level of prior familiarity with Buddhist teachings.

Maybe we will change the name from “Dharma Java” to “Words of the Buddha,” or something like that. I just talked with Rev. Kosho, abbot of AZC, and he is very pleased that we will be moving to AZC. The zendo is a large beautiful space, with wheelchair access.

Because there is little lead time for advertising this group prior to this Sunday’s meeting I will not jump into a sutta until the following week. But we can have some general discussion anyway.





2 Responses to “Sunday, May 6: Now at the Austin Zen Center”

  1. Mark J Says:

    yes…name change would be better…while i appreciate the fact that the name ‘dharma java’ shows understanding of the cool modern culture specially in Austin.. however what you teach is priceless and is of timeless value and i would be more comfortable with something which is more straightforward- ‘Words Of Buddha’. I really come to Austin Zen for serenity and joy and simplicity – trendy names just complicate my tired mind.. these are just my thoughts… i may be completely wrong of course…

    Please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything you do.

    • bhikkhucintita Says:

      Thanks for the feedback about the name of the group. Our group is no longer coffee oriented at our new venue, so the old name is somewhat obsolete in any case. How do you like “Exploring the Buddha’s Words”?

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