“Dharma and Coffee,” “Dharma Klatsch,” March 18

Ongoing discussion around Bodhisattvas and/vs. Arahats.

Buddhist Virtue is expressed in three ways:
    1. Following Precepts
    2. Seeking Benefit (Kindness/Compassion)
    3. Perfection of Character (Wisdom, Virtue, Equinimity)

I would like to explore further how a bodhisattva or an arahat balances these. I thought we might intersect the following issues or perspectives in turn. You are all of course welcome to add to this list.

1. Deep awareness of our influences on the world.
2. How deeply are we implicated?
3. Vegetarianism.
4. Bearing Witness.
5. Political engagement.
6. Karma: retributive karma, merit, ending of karma.
7. Killing to save life.

Please read if you can Bhikkhu Bodhi’s essay: Bodhisatvas, Buddhas and Arahants

Click “about” on right for venue and contact information.


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